by Brian Pate, Realtor / Instructor

Recently, I attended a meeting of the Technology Advisory Board in my home town of Wake Forest, North Carolina. The discussion was about the benefits of creating a strategic plan for technology in the community.

Wendy Kuhn from Break Through Consulting was the moderator for the discussion and she began by asking the big question; “Why do a strategic plan?”

The simple answer is that if you don’t know what the plan goal is, then you don’t know if you have arrived.

Strategic planning is a collaborative and interactive effort that should think about implementation and buy in from day one. Strategic technology plans need to be flexible and adjustable with the changing times.

Start Your Search For A Raleigh Home

The same is true for your home search. Buying a home is not just picking 5 homes off of the internet and going to see them.

Our team recommends a Buyer Consult to meet your buyer agent and walk through the process of buying a home and what to expect in the process.

It gives us the opportunity to find out what you are looking for and why. Understanding the why is very important so that your buyer agent can buy into the search and take ownership of it.

Ultimately, everything we do needs a strategic plan. It is amazing how much time one hour of planning and discussion can save a home buyer.

To get started with your home search, contact our Buyer Coordinator, Stacey Robinson, today.